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Jan Harris
Deputy Group Editor
1:00 AM 5th December 2023

Which Chocolate Contains The Least Amount Of Sugar?

As Christmas is a time for sweets and treats, were intrigued to find out which chocolate boxes could be the worst for your teeth based on sugar content.

Here are the results which might surprise you. So to avoid any unnecessary trips to the dentist will you be changing your chocolate habit this Christmas?

Christmas Chocolate box sugar content rankings:


Rank Chocolate Box Brand Sugar content  (grams per 100g)
1 After Eight Nestle 66.7g
2 Quality Street Nestle 58.2g
=3 Milk Tray Cadbury 57g
=3 Heroes Cadbury 57g
=5 Roses Cadbury 56g
=5 Selection Box Cadbury 56g
7 Celebrations Mars 55.7g
8 Continental Chocolates Thorntons 50g
9 Lindor Assorted Chocolate Truffles Box Lindt 40g
10 Ferrero Rocher Ferrero 39.9g

After Eight comes in as the worst Chocolate box for your teeth with 66.7g of sugar per 100g, this is 13.34g above the average chocolate box sugar content of 53.36g per 100g.

Image by MarvelousCat from Pixabay
Image by MarvelousCat from Pixabay
Quality Street ranks second with 58.2g of sugar per 100g. This chocolate box includes favourites such as The Purple One (chocolate, caramel and hazelnut), Caramel Swirl and The Green Triangle (chocolate and hazelnut).

In joint third place are Heroes and Milk Tray by Cadbury with 57g of sugar per 100g.

Following closely behind are Roses (56g) and Cadbury Selection Box (56g) ranking joint fifth.

Celebrations (55.7g) are seventh.

Continental Chocolates (50g) are eighth.

Lindor Assorted Chocolate Truffles Box (40g) are ninth.

The chocolate box with the least sugar is Ferrero Rocher with a sugar content of 39.9g per 100g.