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Hannah Russell
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8:30 AM 21st March 2017

Why It's Important To Read....

Hannah and Little Alfie
Hannah and Little Alfie
Last weekend I headed up to Newcastle with my Little Alf books.

Unfortunately I couldn't take Alf along with me to, due to the facilities and Alf has a habit of misbehaving inside schools. So I left him at home for the day, which he didn't seem to like very much, as I usually spend the whole weekend with the ponies. So when I turned him into the paddock for the day he looked quite confused.

I went up to Newcastle to be a part of Gosforth Community Book Festival, a festival which has been created to celebrate reading, encourage reading and the stories which Authors have written over the years for us to enjoy.

I spent the day hosting workshops, book signing and talking about the importance of reading and books in life today. This got me thinking about today's article and why it's important to read.

Not everyone loves reading or is a natural book worm like me, but we need to be able to read for school, work, university and everyday life.

I suggest if you are wanting to read more then discover what you enjoy reading.

Personally I love reading most genres from Crime writing to Adventure stories, you name it I'll read it. But if you have an interest in a sport such as football then try to read books based around football, as you will find yourself being able to relate to the book and may even end up enjoying it.

Reading is great to boost your imagination and creativity.Books can take you to a new world and show you that anything is possible. They are really good at changing your opinion and making you see the world in a different way.

Hannah at her book signing event
Hannah at her book signing event
Knowledge! Reading is great to expand your knowledge, everything you read fills your head with new information, which may come in handy one day. Reading is great to improve your focus and concentration.

Reading is fun and great for entertainment. If you're like me and don't particularly enjoy watching TV then reading is a wonderful form of entertainment in which you get to explore characters, new environments and learn new skills.

My book shelf is forever expanding. I have books all over the house which I'm always get told off about, but I think it's such a lovely hobby. If you don't like reading then here are some tips which might help.

Start with a magazine. If you can't face lots of words then pick up a glossy magazine you enjoy and that way you will find yourself interested in the pictures and find yourself reading the words alongside them.
Read Blogs. I love reading blogs. I always read peoples' blogs I can relate to, so I usually end up reading authors' blogs or equestrian based blogs. In this way you will most likely find yourself relating to these and enjoying them!
Give it a go chapter by chapter. Don't pick up a book and think you have to read the entire book, read the first chapter, and if you don't enjoy it change books. There is no point in reading something you're not enjoying.

There are so many fantastic books out there in the world and numerous book stores to browse around. I'm sure you will be able to find one for you...!