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4:06 PM 3rd December 2023

Why You Should Never Use This Common Item To Transport Your Christmas Tree

New data reveals the UK’s most popular time to buy their Christmas tree.

credit Reddit /idiotsincars
credit Reddit /idiotsincars
The research, which collected search data from the previous five years, showed when searches for ‘real Christmas tree’ and ‘Christmas trees near me’ spiked. Based on this, the first weekend in December was the most popular time to collect the tree.

As thousands of drivers get ready to bundle up to 8ft of tree onto their car, many will be aware that improperly transporting such a load dangerously could result in up to 3 points on your licence, according to CU50 of the driving offence codes.

With this in mind scratch and dent insurance company ALA share their tips to safely transport your tree without causing damage to your car.

Avoid bungee cords

While bungee cords might seem the obvious choice, you should avoid using them to transport your Christmas tree. This is because the cords do not absorb shock properly which means that the load can easily shift. Slipped cords can also recoil at high speeds, causing serious injury or damage to your car.

credit Reddit /idiotsincars
credit Reddit /idiotsincars
Invest in a roof rack

If you can, purchase a roof rack for your car to make sure your tree is safely transported home. Not only is this a much safer option but it will also allow you to avoid any unnecessary damage. As well as risking your paintwork, if you choose to strap your tree directly to the car you will have no choice but to pass ropes or webbing through your doors which can damage the seal.

Trunk facing forward

Make sure that the bottom of your tree is facing forward, with the trunk pointing in the direction of travel. Placing the narrowest point of the tree forward will help to prevent it sliding through straps if it does come loose.

Strap in three places

Make sure your tree is correctly wrapped and cover your roof with an old blanket to protect the paint work. The tree should be strapped in three places; front, middle and back. If you do not have a roof rack then you should run the straps through your door and not your window. Opt for proper webbing which will help to reduce any damage to window seals.

Drive with caution

Lastly, always drive slowly and with caution. If you can, avoid going at high speeds on the motorway or dual carriageways. Defensive driving is the best way to keep you and your family safe while getting your Christmas tree home and avoiding any car damage.

Callum Butler from ALA Insurance said:
“Picking up your Christmas tree is one of the festive events families most look forward to but it’s important that drivers pay attention to securely transport trees back home. To avoid disappointment be sure to mark the first Saturday of the month in your calendar for your pick of the crop! Following these tips will not only help make sure that you keep your car unscathed from any festive mishaps but will more importantly keep you and other road users safe this Christmas.”