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1:00 AM 2nd April 2024

Windemere: I’m Falling For You!

Treetop Drop, an exhilarating and nerve testing 32ft freefall drop, has launched at Zip World Windermere.

The new attraction will become part of the offering available at the existing high octane adrenaline Zip World site at Brockhole, Windermere.

Suitable for anyone aged five years and above, the new adventure is the ultimate daredevil challenge. The vertigo inducing 32-foot platform offers the initial rush of a freefall with the knowledge that Zip World’s safety system will kick-in for a slow and final descent to the ground.

‘Drops’ can be purchased either as a single Drop or bundle up to try two or three Drops.

For more information about Treetop Drop and the other experiences at Zip World Windermere and reservations visit