Yorkshire Times
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10:37 AM 29th August 2020

Winner Of National Art Competition From Skipton!

A young woman from Skipton was announced as the winner of Yorkshire charity, Leeds DEC’s national art competition. Elsa Birch’s artwork shows three of the most endangered animals in the world in their natural habitat, with what is causing their near-extinction reflected in their eye. The 13 year old reached over 1,000 people online through the Skipton Girls High School website and environmental networks, such as Extinction Rebellion, with her stunning design.

She says:
“Our planet is under massive pressure from climate change because of our actions. I entered this competition to spread awareness in a different form to catch the attention of many, hoping this would widen more peoples’ eyes. However, spreading awareness is just the beginning. There is so much more we can do to educate others and save our planet.”

Art teacher Mrs Scott enthused:
“We are so proud of Elsa, she is an excellent student, always aiming high and putting 100% in all tasks. I was overjoyed to see that she won this competition; she is definitely a budding Artist. Well done Elsa!”

The competition was organised by Leeds DEC, an educational charity committed to raising awareness about sustainability issues locally and globally. To find out more about their work see their website