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11:39 AM 19th February 2020

Woodland Creation Starts At Hesper Farm

Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust (YDMT) have been joined by volunteers from Carr’s Group and Carrs Billington to create new woodland at Hesper Farm in Bell Busk, the home of Hesper Skyr.

Brian Moorhouse and his son Sam at Hesper Farm in Bell Busk
Brian Moorhouse and his son Sam at Hesper Farm in Bell Busk
As part of the Clapham-based charity’s Together for Trees campaign, more than 300 trees were planted at the 360-acre farm.

Carr’s Group, an international business who aim to be at the forefront of innovation and technology in the agricultural sector, has partnered with YDMT to create a lasting legacy for agriculture in the Yorkshire Dales and surrounding areas.

They will be helping to create new native broadleaf woodlands with Carrs Billington Agriculture providing sponsorship towards the Trust’s woodland grants programme.

Brian Moorhouse, from Hesper Farm, said: “We’re excited to be planting new trees on the farm. As part of the grant, we’ve been able to construct a new fence which will be helpful in stopping stock getting into the ditch. It’s been really interesting to meet people from Carr’s and Carrs Billington, who we work really closely with here at Hesper, as well as the many groups who work with YDMT.”

Carr’s Group and Carrs Billington volunteers were joined by a YDMT outreach group from St Vincent’s in Leeds.

Jim McRobert, Technical & Area Sales Manager Carrs Billington Agriculture, added: “Planting trees can provide a lot of benefits to the environment and to a farm like Hesper. It was great to come together to make a lasting difference for agriculture, and to see the work we’re supporting first-hand.”

Trees are hugely valuable as a habitat for wildlife and support some of our most endangered woodland animals. They also have a number of benefits on a farm.

They can be planted on areas of un-used farmland or gills, and can help to provide shade and shelter to stock. Trees also help with water quality, reducing pollution, flood risk and soil erosion.

YDMT has already planted close to 60,000 in the first two winters of its Together for Trees campaign.

YDMT Woodland Officer, Carol Douglas, said: “Our woodland creation programme is not just centred on planting trees, but also about bringing people together to enjoy the health and wellbeing benefits of creating new woodland. The volunteers from Carrs met with St Vincent’s and had a great time in the outdoors.

“The new trees at Hesper will connect to existing woodland on the farm, helping to create wildlife corridors. They will also help to reduce some of the water flow on to the farm.”