Yorkshire Times
Weekend Edition
8:34 PM 1st September 2021

YDMT Aims To Create Network For Pollinators

Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust is looking for community groups to join them to act for pollinators.

The Bee Together project, supported by Yorkshire Water and other partners, aims to connect communities and landscapes to reverse the decline of wild pollinators such as bees.

The project has successfully worked with groups for the last two years, creating community meadows, bee-friendly vegetable gardens and nesting sites for solitary bees.

Now focusing on areas between Leeds, Craven and Ingleton in the south of the Yorkshire Dales National Park, it will continue to create a network of bee-friendly habitat through engagement, education, and practical conservation work.

Catherine Mercer, Bee Together Officer at YDMT, said: “We want to work with groups who have access to space that can be improved for pollinators, be it a churchyard, garden, village green or school grounds.

"Allotments and gardens have been shown to be really important for all kinds of pollinator species. Whether you have a small space, or room for an entire meadow we would love to hear from you.

“We can provide hands-on help to support groups in creating a bee-friendly meadow, planter or flower bed, offer funding for equipment and train groups on how to manage and maintain their projects.”

She continued: “60 per cent of bees and other pollinators are in decline. They face a wide range of threats, from toxic pesticides to climate change and disease. However, the most significant reason for their decline is the loss of wildflower-rich habitats. Any habitat we can create is important.”