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Graham Clark
Features Writer
10:51 AM 3rd October 2019

Yard And Coop, Leeds

Booze, birds and beats is the proud statement adorning the window of Yard and Coop in Leeds.

The booze is the tempting cocktails with musical names such as Jinni Hendrix, Gin Oddity and Making Your Bucks Up. The music I heard ranged from Years and Years to 1Occ and the birds is the buttermilk fried chicken they specialise in.

The decor inside is what I would describe as minimalist urban - think concrete walls, original wooden floors and a yellow painted ceiling. They do though have a cosy corner with comfy armchairs.

The chicken we had came deep fried - if you have a delicate stomach you may find it rests heavy on you.

The menu is quite simple - you pick your buttermilk fried chicken which ranges from breast, thigh, drumsticks and what they name Not Chicken Nuggets - all priced at £10.00 including fries or salad - then choose your made in house sauce with the option to Pimp Yo' Fries.

Stuffing balls
Stuffing balls
The hot side of stuffing balls were packed with sausage meat, chestnuts and sage and onion.

Our chicken breast was tender and served piping hot - if you fancy something different then try the Dirty Fries that come with cheese sauce, Dr Pepper BBQ and blue cheese sauce - served on a proper plate.

Chicken with Dirty fries
Chicken with Dirty fries
The dessert board is not too extensive - I tried the Crack Pie. It might be better served hot as I found it a bit too hard and had to use a knife and fork to cut into it. They say it is a mix of sweet and salty goodness served with clotted cream - a very sweet offering so if you have a sweet tooth you will be fine.

My partner's handmade Brownie was a chocolate lover's delight but again it might be better served hot.

Good service, different decor and tasty chicken - with proper knives and forks - no finger licking here - the difference being in the taste.

Yard and Coop, 6-8 Merrion Street, Leeds LS1 6PQ
Telephone 0113 430 0285