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7:58 PM 16th September 2020

York Print Company Going Against The Grain To Make A Big Impact

York-based print company The Plastic Card People is looking to give back to nature with an innovative tree planting scheme. At first glance, you would think ‘how can a print company called The Plastic Card People be environmentally friendly?’ With the business having diversified their product line to include eco-friendly, sustainable wood and metal cards, the team found themselves inspired to do more after planting trees behind their office on the outskirts of York, North Yorkshire.

Partnering with the non-profit organisation, Ecologi, the business has planted nearly 2,000 trees in five months through The Eden Reforestation Project, which according to the Forestry Commission is half a hectare of woodland!

Gary Taylor, one of the Directors at The Plastic Card People says “We are known for being at the forefront of the industry in terms of offering alternatives to traditional plastic cards, we are very lucky to have a young and dynamic team who care about the environment and introduced us to Ecologi’s initiative.
The platform makes planting trees really easy and is great fun as we can see our forest growing online. We’re firm believers that actions speak louder than words and it’s great to see our tree-planting project grow, but we are not stopping there we have lots more exciting projects in the pipeline.”

The Plastic Card People’s tree planting initiative means that every time a customer places an order, they plant a clump of trees. This is making a big impact on the projects they are supporting, including reforesting Marataola in Madagascar where 90% of the original forests have been destroyed and Dalry near Glasgow where they are improving 430 acres of land to provide a home to native Scottish wildlife such as adders, hares and hedgehogs.

Gary continues “We are all guilty of not being aware of our surroundings and how something as simple as a tree can make such a huge difference. For example, a tree isn’t just pleasing on the eye, but it can offer a home for wildlife as well as reduce greenhouse gases. Recent news articles, for example, show that the hedgehog is now officially vulnerable to extinction. I am no wildlife expert, but I am aware that trees can offer a home to insects which in turn provides wildlife, such as hedgehogs with the food they need to keep thriving. Just making small changes can make such a difference not just to wildlife but also to your own overall wellbeing.”

The Plastic Card People’s eco-friendly and waste-free cards have seen a year-on-year increase of 30% since the products were launched in 2018 and they hope to increase the range shortly by unveiling a new range of ‘Plastic-Free” Fibre Cards which have similar functionality as a traditional plastic card but are made from paper.

Gary ends “We are really excited to see just how many trees we can plant by the end of the year and beyond. We’ve set ourselves the ambitious target of 20,000 trees in the next 12 months and I’m sure we will smash this.”