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3:31 PM 9th June 2022

Yorkshire And Humber Residents Admit They Don't Know What To Recycle

photo by Mike Palmer
photo by Mike Palmer
New research conducted by one of the world’s most sustainable coffee brand, Grind, has revealed that nearly a quarter (24%) of people in Leeds admit they don’t know what household products can be recycled, claiming they’re not ‘motivated’ enough to recycle (15%).

On a mission to make sustainable choices easier for Brits, Grind has switched all of its coffee pods to its new home compostable pod, the first in the UK to be certified to decompose in a home composter in just 180 days.

This move comes at a time when more than half (51%) of Leeds believe all coffee pods can be recycled, severely underestimating the 500+ years it can take for a plastic or aluminium coffee pod to decompose, with a third (33%) admitting to throwing their single use coffee pods straight in the bin.

Yorkshire and the Humber region:

Despite over half of respondents in this region believing they should be doing more to recycle, 4 out of 10 think its more important to recycle larger objects (packaging boxes) rather than smaller things like coffee pods - a view which is fuelling the 29,000 coffee pods that end up in landfill each minute
7 out of 10 want to recycle more, yet a third of adults admit to not knowing what they can and can't recycle, with an additional 22% of participants finding it just too complicated, so don't!
Over half wish they could compost more, but are restricted due to garden space, suggesting education is needed around indoor composting

The most popular sustainable lifestyle habits in Yorkshire and the Humber amongst adults today are:

Reusing shopping bags (66%)
Buying second-hand fashion (27%)
Buying from sustainable brands (26%)

photo by Mike Palmer
photo by Mike Palmer
With the help of brand ambassador and ITV This Morning presenter, Daisy Payne (@Gardentogarnish), Grind can offer expert commentary on everything from eco-friendly coffee choices to composting tips and tricks to live more sustainably.