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Simon Bartle
Visual Arts Correspondent
7:21 PM 2nd March 2019

Yorkshire Artists In The Spotlight: Julia Borodina

Was it just a coincidence that this Julia Borodina Exhibition should open on 1st March, St David's Day (Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Sant)?

Well perhaps not. Why? Because Welsh Landscapes are one of the cornerstones of the Julia Borodina exhibition at The Lawrence Batley Theatre.

If we mention the Welsh landscapes of such revered artists as Augustus John, and Kyffin Williams then that prompts a question: Do Julia Borodina's landscapes deserve to be mentioned in the same breath?

Julia Borodina
Julia Borodina
In our humble opinion the answer is a resounding - yes. But of course you are the ultimate arbiter, so hightail it down to The Lawrence Batley Theatre (LBT) and make up your own mind.

The LBT is a wonderful venue for this wide ranging exhibition of 37 paintings. It has easy parking, superb open spaces, and great light in which to show these great works.

There are four central landscape subjects of this Exhibition, which in no particular order are: Wales, Yorkshire, New Zealand and Venice

For good measure floral works are included, which complete our insight into Julia's true capabilities.

The work entitled Glistening Peak, Glenorcky, New Zealand is arguably the highlight of the exhibition. This mountain is known as 'The Matterhorn of the South'. You are in no doubt that this is exactly what you have before you.

Filey cliffs captures beautifully, the serene atmosphere. It is a view of Filey not often painted by artists, and Julia makes you see things differently.

Julia emphasises that she is a 'landscape portraitist', but actually she is much more than that. She has developed, and given to landscape painting a new language. In her work there is a sense of freedom and open space. She uses with consummate skill every hue of green.

It is hardly surprising to learn that Julia has exhibited at the Annual Exhibition of the Royal Society of Watercolour Artists, the Annual Exhibition of the Society of Women Artists, the Mall Galleries, London and the Royal Society of Birmingham Artists.

So we have said it all, or have we?

Exquisite atmospheric paintings, which encapsulate the artist's own encounters with wildernesses, both at home and in New Zealand. Her delightful use of muted colour combinations, which become so vibrant in her completed pieces of work.

But if we now tell you, that Julia was born in Tobolsk, Western Siberia, then perhaps you will understand why it is, that she can capture her innermost emotional response, to the varied 'wilderness' landscapes, which she chooses to paint.

The body of work on exhibition at LBT are more than 'landscape portraits', they are a testament to an artist who has truly mastered her craft.

Julia personalises landscape painting, and once seen, you will forever instantly recognise a 'Borodina', when you see one again.

The Julia Borodina Exhibition at The Lawrence Batley Theatre, Huddersfield with large scale acrylic landscapes in Foyer area, work inspired by Yorkshire in the Lower Bar and Italian themed watercolour and oil paintings at Queenie's, The Theatre's coffee shop.

Entrance is Free.

The Exhibition ends 7 April 2019.

Julia is also exhibiting watercolour and acrylic paintings of the Calder Navigation and Yorkshire Landscapes at The Thrive Cafe in Dewsbury until 8 April 2019.

The Lawrence Batley Theatre's opening times are Monday to Saturday: 9:30am -5:30pm. Sunday: Closed
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