Yorkshire Times
Weekend Edition
Phil Hopkins
Arts & Travel Editor
8:00 AM 15th November 2020

Yorkshire Folk Swap Naples For Newcastle

Covid has changed the way people from Yorkshire plan to holiday, as more than one sixth (18%) reveal they intend to go on more staycations than trips abroad and 25% will change how they get around the UK and abroad, post-Coronavirus.

Seen as part of the ‘Covid Climate Effect’, more than a quarter (26%) say the pandemic and its side effects have motivated them to adopt more environmentally-friendly behaviours - nearly triple the amount influenced by environmental activist Greta Thunberg (10%), according to the research by YouGov for rail operator LNER.

One in six (16%) are reconsidering air travel for future trips, whilst a third (32%) are looking to increase their use of trains, with nearly a quarter (24%) of Yorkshire residents selecting rail as their favourite method of transport for holidays within the UK.

In fact, over half of Yorkshire adults (56%) are currently making an effort to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle, compared to just 27% who didn’t stop and think about their lifestyle and the effect it had on the environment prior to lockdown.

With the nation turning green, LNER is encouraging the use of more sustainable methods of transport with its new fleet of electric bi-mode Azuma trains, which produce less than a third of the carbon of other modes of transport.

LNER Managing Director, David Horne, said: “Despite how hard the past few months have been, it is positive to see how Yorkshire folk are striving towards a greener future.

“Lockdown made many people stop and think about the world we live in, and how we can protect our planet – it’s so encouraging to see that over half of people from Yorkshire are making the effort to live sustainably in the wake of Covid.

”When it comes to reaching a UK holiday destination, it's no secret that trains are one of the most sustainable ways to travel, producing less than a third of the carbon of other modes of transport and proving just as fast, door-to-door.”