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4:06 AM 7th August 2021

Yorkshire Is Home To Three Of The Most Popular Walking Routes In Great Britain

Three of the 10 most searched for walking routes in Great Britain are right here in Yorkshire according to new research which analysed Google search trends - including the top two routes!

The data comes from search and digital marketing agency, Click Consult, who analysed search volume around a number of walking related keywords to determine the nation’s walking habits and favourite routes.

Ingleton Falls and the Yorkshire three peaks were named as the first and second most popular walking routes across Great Britain when ranked by search volume. Malham Cove Walk in Skipton also featured on the list, taking ninth place - giving Yorkshire a total of three out of the top 10.

Of the remaining six spots, three were filled by walks in the Lake District and four by those in Wales.

Ingleton Falls - photo Mina Waters
Ingleton Falls - photo Mina Waters
Across the country as a whole coastal walks proved to be the most popular, when compared to a number of other types such as historic, city and mountain walks. With coastal walks accounting for 44% of the search volume over the last 12 months, mountain walks for 41%, city walks for 12% and the remaining 3% split across countryside walks and historic walks.

Of the three nations, Wales proved to be the most popular for generic walking searches with Scotland following closely behind.

When comparing the search volume for the term ‘walks in [country]’ across the last 12 months, Click Consult found ‘walks in Wales’ accounted for 46% of the searches from Great Britain as a whole. Walks in Scotland brought in 39%, and England only 15%.

Wales also took the title for the most searched for UK mountain, with Snowdon receiving the most searches as whole - although when looking at data from just Scotland this unsurprisingly changed to the Scottish mountain Ben Nevis.

And for anyone who is interested in discovering what walking routes are nearby to them, as part of their research Click Consult have created an interactive map that details everything from difficulty level and length to average completion time and highlights along the way.

The map features 14 walking routes across Great Britain.
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