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Andy Harris
Motoring and Property Editor
4:07 PM 27th August 2013

Yorkshire Women Take More Interest in Car Maintenance

One of Leeds Motor Marque's Car Maintenance Courses
One of Leeds Motor Marque's Car Maintenance Courses
According to a recent press release, women in the Yorkshire region are more willing to learn about car maintenance than men.

Trust My Garage approved Motor Marque in Leeds launched its free evening car maintenance course for women in 2008. Following its success, the course was opened up to male motorists.

Disappointingly, no men attended and the garage therefore continued to run them as women only courses.

Business Development Manager at Motor Marque, Rae Ellis commented;
"There is a general preconception that men know a lot about cars and therefore don't need to learn how to look after them, and many are indeed already good at carrying out regular maintenance checks. However, as technology develops there are more and more things we can all learn about our cars that will not only help them last longer, but also keep motorists safer on the roads. Women are starting to get a lot more interested in their cars and are getting better at looking after them because they no longer want to be baffled by it all."

A recent national survey of 100 male and 100 female drivers, carried out by Trust My Garage sought to see what regular car maintenance checks were carried out and concluded that men were more diligent than women. For example, when it came to checking engine coolant levels, 12% of men polled carried out maintenance once a week as recommended compared to just 5% of women.

Tyres tread depths were checked by 17% of male drivers once a month, compared to just 5% of female drivers. The survey also found that men are four times more likely to check their tyre pressures regularly than women.

It has to be said that the numbers polled are not huge, but they do point to several startling facts. Firstly (and rather worryingly) that less than a fifth of all drivers regularly carry out these basic checks and secondly, that only a very small percentage of women bother.

It would therefore be great if car maintenance course for were offered by more garages, as it would appear that both men and women should be more diligent when it comes to making regular checks on their cars.

Prevention is better than cure - never more apt!

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