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2:19 PM 9th February 2024

You’ve Got Eyes Like A Hawk If You Can Spot 5 Differences In This NFL Scene In Under 40 Seconds

The end of the NFL season doesn't have to dim anyone's excitement, especially with Super Bowl LVIII on the horizon. Fans eager for the showdown between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers on February 11th, as well as those hoping to spot Taylor Swift among the spectators, have a unique opportunity to fine-tune their observation skills.

In a unique blend of e-sports enthusiasm and NFL excitement, esports magazine has released a fresh and invigorating NFL Spot the Difference game designed to engage the mind and celebrate the spirit of teamwork and challenge.

Challenge yourself to spot the five differences between these scenes in under 40 seconds.


This NFL Spot the Difference game is designed to bridge the gap between e-sports enthusiasts and traditional sports fans, showcasing the excitement and communal spirit that live events foster. Whether you're a seasoned esports follower, a dedicated NFL fan, or someone who enjoys a good brain teaser, this game promises to deliver an engaging experience.

Participants will immerse themselves in a dynamic scene filled with the joy and intensity of NFL fandom. Identifying the five differences offers a moment of fun that also sharpens the mind, making it a perfect break from the usual.

Stumped? Don’t kick yourself. Scroll down to reveal the answers.

For those stumped, solutions are readily available to reveal the differences that might have escaped notice, ensuring everyone can enjoy completing the game.

Sharing their excitement about the new game, Bartłomiej Kopania from said:
“This unique game not only celebrates the love for American football but also offers fans a chance to engage with the sport in a new and exciting way. Whether you're a casual viewer or a die-hard American football fan, this game is the perfect opportunity to test your powers of observation while enjoying the thrill of the game.”


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Differences: 1. The number ‘38’ is missing. 2. The popcorn bowl colour. 3. The player on the TV. 4. The shirt colour changed from blue to red. 5. The American football changed into an English football.