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7:00 AM 2nd August 2022

Chiswick Hotel Returners Get Free ‘Birthday’ Night

Guests who have previously stayed at the world’s first whole life fully net-zero hotel, now qualify for a free night’s stay at the Chiswick property in west London…..providing it’s their birthday!

As a “thank you” to loyal members of the room2 family, travellers who have used the hotel before can now get a complimentary stay to tie in with their annual celebration.

room2 is passionate about all things related to the environment, striving to create a space that inspires every guest to feel as if the hometel is their second home, including greeting them with personalized birthday decorations.

Hometel rooms offer the convenience and freedom to cook for oneself, while also providing luxurious amenities that support eco lifestyles.

Chiswick is known for its cafes and boutiques.