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4:35 PM 25th April 2019

10 In 10: James Lavin, Managing Director At Huddersfield-based Leach

James Lavin
James Lavin
In this new and exclusive feature for The Yorkshire Times, we put a regional business professional in the hot seat and give them 10 minutes to answer our 10 burning questions. Here, we hear from James Lavin, managing director at Huddersfield-based Leach.

What does a typical working day for you involve?

We’re lucky to have an amazing array of both domestic and international opportunities on the go at the moment, so I’m currently pretty absorbed in developing new business.

What makes your company special?

Having the unique ability to work at a fast pace, while producing high-quality products – all with a smile on our faces!

Do you have any business rules that you swear by?

Always do what you say you’re going to do.

Do you dress up or down for work?

Up – although we apply a smart/casual dress code at Leach, it’s not Google HQ, so we avoid shorts and t-shirts!

What piece of advice would you give to your 18-year-old self?

Be more confident – you can do it!

What’s your favourite Yorkshire venue for an event or team away day?

An afternoon in Leeds – it’s good to get out of the office and take the team for a bite to eat and some drinks.

How do you prefer to travel for business?

It really depends where I am going – I wouldn’t fancy travelling to the Middle East in a taxi! The most convenient mode of transport, factoring in the time element, is of most importance to me.

What’s your favourite place in Yorkshire to relax?

Hornsea – the fresh air is a sedative!

Where is your favourite place to eat in Yorkshire, and what dish do you recommend?

Thaal, Brighouse for its Indian cuisine. I recommend the Special Balti (hell fire hot!)

What do you miss most about Yorkshire when you are away?

Family – my wife and three children at home.