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8:00 AM 6th November 2019

31 Motorists Stopped On Day One Of Operation Safe Pass

The second Operation Safe Pass takes place in Hull today (Wednesday 6th November), targeting motorists that pass too close to cyclists.

Qualified cyclists will be out on the road once again, complete with helmet cameras, cycling at the correct distance from the kerb. Motorists overtaking the bikes contravening the Highway Code rule of 1.5 metres will be pulled over by the police and will receive a training session about the need for such a distance.

The initiative was launched by Hull City Council and Humberside Police last month, and 31 motorists were stopped for driving too close to cyclists, six of whom could not remember seeing a cyclist.

Councillor Anita Harrison, Portfolio Holder for Streetscene, said:

“We held the first day of Operation Safe Pass in October and over 30 motorists were stopped for not passing cyclists with the required distance.

“This operation aims to remind motorists to be aware of their surroundings and road position at all times, to ensure the safety of everyone using the roads.”

Highway Code

The Highway Code (Rule 163) states you should give cyclists, and other vulnerable road users, the same distance as a car when passing, or approx. 1.5 metres
Cyclists are also encouraged to keep a minimum distance of 0.75m from the kerb, this position makes them more visible to motorists