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Jamie Durham
IT Correspondent
10:34 AM 2nd January 2020

4 Tips To Keep Your Tech Running Smoothly In 2020

As we’re drawing nearer to the New Year, we’ll each have our own resolutions, but have you thought about ones for your IT too?

It’s more important than ever to keep yourself and your data safe in the digital world. So here are Jamie Durham’s top four tips to follow in 2020…

1. Cheap backup isn’t always best

Investing in a backup software may not be at the top of your priority list when using your tech at home – especially if you don’t feel like you use it that often.

But like everything else, it’s better to safe than sorry – especially when trying to salvage what you can after a cyberattack has already happened. It’s even more important if you’re using your home PC to do work, which involves you accessing sensitive information on the go.

Antivirus software prices don’t have to cost a lot, but at the same time it’s vital to not simply go for the cheapest, as they may not fit your purpose – so do your research.

2. Protecting yourself from an attack

With the ever-evolving and sophisticated nature of cyberattacks, it’s important to protect yourself where possible. Being extra cautious of emails – and even incoming calls – is a good place to start when preventing a potential threat.

Other things to think about are being mindful of who and where you share your personal details, read up on the different threats out there and don’t use public Wi-Fi spots.

3. Update your tech

Old equipment inevitably slows down over time, which can become frustrating for the user, but did you know that it can make you more vulnerable to hackers?

Replacing your laptop isn’t cheap, and it’s not always possible to upgrade it, but a simple solution to keeping it more secure is making sure you keep on top of all software updates – the same goes for your phone too.

4. Make IT a priority

With the majority of us now relying on the internet and tech for our everyday lives – whether that’s work or personal – we need to make IT a key focus.

Some of us would forget about our IT until it’s not working, or we’ve lost data to a cybercriminal. But becoming proactive – and preventing things before they happen – will massively increase your online safety.