Yorkshire Times
Weekend Edition
Hannah Russell
Features Writer
8:43 PM 11th April 2018

A Rainy Week With Little Alf…

Hello everyone and welcome back to Alf’s weekly post with the Yorkshire Times!

The weather this week has been pretty grim and grey and Alf is a little fed up. Alfie isn’t a fan of the rain or getting wet which sounds familiar as I personally prefer the sunshine too and we both seem to be longing for the spring/ summer weather – hopefully it’s not too far away.

When the weather is wet outside all we want to do is stay indoors next to the fire; the horses can’t go outside due to the fields being so boggy and muddy - it’s a bit of a nightmare…

This week due to the wet weather all four of my horses have been inside their stables keeping warm.

Badger my 32 year old retired pony actually loves being inside and is always content with a hay net full of fresh hay. Whereas my other 3 horses, Paddy, Pepper and Alfie get a little bit bored with being cooped up for the day, so I have to find things for them to do during their time inside.

Alfie loves playing with toys, he’s still very young at just 6 years old and he’s always trying to play.

He has a huge ball which I fill up with treats and he rolls it around his stable for ages trying to get the treats out.

It’s great to give him simulation but also to keep him occupied for a few hours. I often walk past his stable door and I can hear him rattling away.

This might work for Alfie but my slightly older horses Paddy and Pepper find the feed ball far too frustrating so I often hang up treats or horse licks for them - this seems to keep them entertained for a few hours.

If the weather is rainy outside like today I’ll always spend some ‘stable time’ with each of my horses, where I go in and brush them, pick out their hooves and gloss their manes. Not only does this keep them entertained it’s also brilliant for bonding and checking your horses general health!

Last winter Paddy was in his stable for a couple of weeks and during that time I noticed he had a small lump on his leg, which was completely harmless but had he been in the field I probably wouldn’t have spotted it so easily.

Later today Alfie will be going out for a walk down the street to stretch his legs, even though the weather is miserable outside it’s still important he gets his daily exercise!