Yorkshire Times
Weekend Edition
Hannah Russell
Features Writer
2:21 AM 29th April 2020

April With Little Alf & Hannah Russell

It’s nearly the end of April and lockdown continues, and Alf and I have been making the most of the sunshine over the last week or so…

We are grateful to live in the Yorkshire Dales and be able to enjoy the sunshine in our back garden, with a hidden path across the fields so we can get in our daily exercise.

It must be so difficult for those who live in enclosed areas, flats and homes where they aren’t able to get out into the garden or go for their daily exercise.

I have close friends working in the NHS and they are doing an amazing job across the country. It’s been great to see how everyone has stayed inside to help them and stick by the rules and step by step we are beating this horrendous virus that one day we will all be together soon.

As usual Little Alf has been causing mischief in the field with his best friend Pepper. They are both still losing their winter coats, which isn’t ideal for me as I’m actually allergic to horse hair, but this year it seems a bit better. I started using some natural oils at the beginning of 2020 and they seem to be helping (fingers crossed!)

During lockdown we’ve been keeping spirits high on social media and focusing on the positives when we can. I have been volunteering as an NHS responder and Alf has been posting on social media his daily antics as well as getting involved in a charity campaign.

It’s a crucial time for charities as they can’t host events, work in their offices or go out and fundraise, it’s all turned to media to help, which is great as we have modern day resources to spread the word about the amazing work they do.

Whilst in lockdown I have been focusing on writing and getting my next book finished. It hasn’t been an easy task, I find time quite hard to come by now I have several businesses and numerous pets to look after, but I’ve settled down to my desk a few times with a mug of tea.

The next book will be the 9th Little Alf story, which is pretty scary and at the same time exciting to see how far we have come over the past few years. I remember selling my first 10 books in 2014 I was absolutely chuffed. Now we are up into the thousands and even the hundreds of thousands which is crazy to think about how many of you have read Little Alf’s stories!