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Graham Clark
Features Writer
12:00 PM 1st February 2020

Cadbury World - Choc Full Of Fun For All The Family

Whether it be for a half term visit or a trip at any other time of the year, I was surprised at how much there is to see and do at Cadbury World.

Cadbury World is located in the grounds of the original Cadbury factory in Bournville. The name comes from the River Bourn that runs through the grounds and ville because it sounded fashionable.

You have to remember though that this isn't a tour of the factory itself, instead you will discover the history and the making of Cadbury confectionery as you journey through chocolate zones.

Bournville village green
Bournville village green
There is enough to keep children of any age (and grown ups) attention spans up. Throughout the visit you are given chocolate bars to take away with you, so you might need to take a bag with you to put them in instead of having to buy one as you enter the attraction.

Aztec jungle
Aztec jungle
Your journey starts with a walk through Aztec Jungle as you discover the origins of the cocoa bean, admist trees and waterfalls. Young minds might start to wander on the next part of your journey: Journey To Europe is more for adults as you sit in a mini theatre to hear a presentation about the arrival of chocolate in Europe.

I found the history talk interesting about how Quaker entrepreneur John Cadbury began his business, which is followed by another presentation of how Chocolate is made.

From then on youngsters will be in their element as you can have a go at writing your name on marble tables via piped liquid chocolate. What follows is a cross between a Disney World Ride and a Jorvik type mini train as you step aboard the Cadabra ride, I still can't fathom though what it was all about!

Chocolatier at work
Chocolatier at work
I thought that seeing actual chocolatiers making the handmade items added an authentic touch, though never an opportunity is lost to sell you the items - you can buy them in the World's Biggest Cadbury Shop at the end of your journey.

The Advertising Avenue takes you through the Cadbury's adverts over the years and of course you get to see the Gorilla behind a drum kit playing Phil Collins' In The Air Tonight, which seemed to delight many visitors.

The Biggest Cadbury Shop in the world also has a factory shop too with some genuine bargains.

It is worth walking just outside the attraction to see the 4D Chocolate Adventure experience where you sit in motion seats and put on your 3D glasses for a simulation ride, which feels like you're riding a Roller Coaster then taking to the skies in an airship piloted by the Caramel Bunny!

Fascinating for all ages, The Bournville Experience focuses on how the Bournville village came to be built by the Cadbury family. I liked the collection of all the different packaging over the years, depending on your age everyone will recognise something from their past.

Gill Cock's collection
Gill Cock's collection
From Saturday 15th February to Saturday 23rd February visitors can catch Mr Cadbury's Parrot Mini Egg Show which is included in the general admission price. There are also Cadbury Character Afternoon Teas and Cadbury Character Breakfasts, though these cost extra.

You will go away with some happy memories, plenty of chocolate bars - and an expanded waist line. By the end of the visit though you might be sick of chocolate!