Yorkshire Times
Weekend Edition
2:32 PM 6th May 2022

Cleaning Your Barbecue For Summer

To mark National Gardening Week, green cleaning company Bio-D has put together some useful tips for cleaning your barbecue ready for summer now the weather is getting (a little!) warmer.

When bringing out your barbecue for the summer, it’s important to give it a good clean before using. Start by spraying the sides with a sanitiser (we recommend Bio-D’s All Purpose Sanitiser!) for a once over to gather all the dust and dirt from over the winter

Next, scrape any remaining residue or food off the grills - rubbing half an onion on the grills can help with any stubborn excess

Once the residue has been removed, soak the grills in hot water with washing up liquid. Surprisingly, washing powder also works well for this!
(For the best results, allow the grill to soak for 20-30 minutes to make sure all the food residue is broken down)

Once soaked, give them a scrub – Seep creates a great eco-friendly loofah scourer - and you will be left with sparkling grills. Leave to dry and place back on to your barbecue ready for use

Finally, get into the habit of cleaning and maintaining your barbecue after every use – this will prevent bacteria, cross contamination, and also rust to help it to last longer