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1:59 AM 20th November 2020

Cyber Security Partner Programme Continues To Pick Up Momentum

ECSC Group plc, the UK’s longest running cyber security provider, introduced its Partner Programme last year which allows organisations to access its cyber security services and to resell or refer its offering to other potential clients.

Given the increasing frequency and severity of cyber attacks and with the UK cyber security market alone estimated at over £8 billion; most organisations now consider cyber threats to be a boardroom issue. Whilst the increasing priority given to cyber security is reassuring to see, for many organisations understanding the concept and responsibilities remains complex.

Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, ECSC is one of a few UK-based cyber security organisations who provide a complete offering, designed to support every potential scenario. ECSC helps its clients understand risks, identify gaps in protection, and provides support through the implementation of critical improvements.

The Partner Programme offers three levels of partnership opportunities, which start at a referral level and develop depending on the time and resource each partner has to commit. The various levels is to allow the programme to be accessible to a wide range of organisations from consultancy services to specialist IT resellers.

ECSC has seen no disruption in its ability to deliver its full range of services during the uncertainties brought forth by COVID-19, with all services delivered remotely. For partners that may have seen a decline in its core services; began to see ECSC’s Partner Programme as an attractive proposition as it allows them to improve its existing defenses whilst also boosting revenue.

With an increase in the number of phishing attacks following a shift to home working, organisations are recognising more than ever that cyber security responsibilities simply cannot be ignored.

Ian Mann
Ian Mann
Ian Mann, CEO of the ECSC Group plc, commented: “Much thought has gone into the development of the programme as it has been designed specifically with the partner in mind. Our aim here is to ensure the partners have all they need to understand the complexities of cyber security and ultimately sell it to benefit their own clients. Each partner receives ongoing sales training as well as marketing support; which includes a number of dual-branded resources, access to our partner portal and our dedicated in-house cyber security team.

“Although the programme is a relatively new addition for us, we are seeing an increase in interest from organisations signing up, with an impressive number of referral and direct sales coming through”.