Yorkshire Times
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9:59 PM 1st June 2021

Do You Have A Friend In Your Reflection?

Anthology exploring body image and self-acceptance available for workshops.

A Yorkshire-based editor has put together a powerful collection of essays and poetry exploring the real-world experiences and relationships people have with their body image.

Containing the work of twenty writers and three artists, The Resilience of Being has stories from across the UK and United States, from ages 22 through to 78, and show that no matter what stage you are at in your life, you are always worthy of self-acceptance.

Through creative non-fiction, this collection captures stories from all walks of life; how body image was intertwined with acceptance into the LGBTQ+ community; how body modifications were more than an aesthetic choice; reflections on lives lived decades later.

Despite the wide range of voices, all authors share an honesty with their audience that, as a reader, opens your eyes to the everyday resilience of people around us. The Resilience of Being aims to bring comfort, empower, and encourage you to shout a little louder.

Anthology editor, Emma Willingham, notes that this project was born of the startling realisation that hating yourself into loving yourself doesn’t actually work – and so perhaps it’s time to try something else.

Emma, a Project Manager by day, is offering the book free to community groups, libraries and educational institutions, for those who can use it as a resource to educate and inspire others on what is a hugely relatable topic.

Since the anthology was published in UK lockdown due to Covid-19, Emma has been hosting successful Zoom seminars and events for groups on the Behind the Scenes of the anthology through an editor’s eyes. With the world beginning to open back up, Emma is looking to The Resilience of Being Workshops to encourage more open and productive body image discussion.

“A great collection of stories, that will resonate with several of its readers. This is a book for now.” J. Roberts - Reviewer

Groups interested in finding out about workshops or those interested in booking an event with Emma, please get in touch at

The Resilience of Being is available on Amazon priced £6.99