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2:00 AM 23rd July 2022

Healthy Heart Tip: Healthier Picnics

Heart Research UK Healthy Heart Tip, written by the Health Promotion and Education Team at Heart Research UK

Picnics are always a winner in the summer months (when the weather allows!). They are the perfect way to socialise with friends and family while spending more time outdoors, which is good for us all. July marks National Picnic Month and here we share some top tips for creating heathier picnics this summer – goodbye squashed sandwiches and crushed crisps!

Get a Cool Bag

A healthy, nutrition packed picnic must be kept cool for optimal enjoyment. If there was ever a time to invest in a cool bag/box it is now. When you don’t have to worry about what will stay fresh in the warm weather, the sky really is the limit in terms of what you can pack. Think fresh salads, juicy fruits & protein packed yoghurts.

Prep in Advance

Homemade is always best and taking some time the day before your scheduled picnic to whip up something yummy can take your picnic to the next level. We love easy to grab things like these heart healthy cheese and courgette muffins which go down well with both adults and children

Pop it on a Skewer

Skewers make everything more picnic friendly and just about any meal can be adapted to fit on a skewer. Try adding cooked meats, halloumi or feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, peppers, and olives or making a rainbow fruit skewer using lots of different colour fruits.

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