Yorkshire Times
Weekend Edition
3:00 AM 7th May 2022

Is It Cake Or Carvery?

Jan Foster, who works as a ‘Cake-a-tier’ at leading carvery and cake-makers Farmhouse Inns, left guests stunned as she cut into a cake designed to look like a traditional carvery.

The showstopping creation was displayed next to an actual carvery at Jan’s workplace, Holly Tree Farm in Nottingham, where guests struggled to tell the difference between the two.

The chocolate sponge filled cake was inspired by the recent Netflix series Is it Cake?, which sees highly skilled bakers compete to create the most realistic illusion cakes. Almost immediately after it aired, the show gained popularity – ranking second in Netflix’s top 10 most watched TV series.

Jan Foster, Cake-a-tier at Farmhouse Inns, said:
“My love of baking and attention to detail has been passed down through generations. My Mum loved to bake, so from a young age it’s always come naturally to me. Even now that she’s passed away, baking makes me feel closer to her.

“As I got older, I became more creative and found my passion in creating illusion cakes – cakes that look like something you see in everyday life. Given that we are also known for our best-in-class carveries at Farmhouse Inns, it felt natural to combine the two together and create a cake that looked exactly like a carvery.”

Jan, who has worked at the Farmhouse Inns Holly Tree Farm since 2017, also hosts cake-making classes for children and adults in her spare time.

She continues:
“Without a doubt, the most rewarding part of my job is getting to be a part of people’s special occasions. I’ve lost count of how many cakes I’ve baked now, but I’ll never tire of the feeling of seeing someone smile as I show them their creation.

In addition to the carvery illusion, Jan has previously created cakes replicating a full English breakfast, pancake stacks and even popular fast-food dishes.

Emma Smith, senior marketing manager at Farmhouse Inns, said:
“Our talented Cake-a-tiers always go the extra mile to delight our guests. From the initial baking to the finishing touches, all of our indulgent cakes are hand-crafted on-site by skilled and passionate bakers like Jan.

“From much-loved classics like our Marz Attack and Carrot Cake, to our seasonal favourites like our Raspberry Spring Surprise, there’s something for everyone at Farmhouse Inns!”

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