Yorkshire Times
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Hannah Russell
Features Writer
1:48 PM 11th October 2017

Launching Little Alf's New Book!

Can you believe that the Little Alf book is now finally here, we know we can't!

Last week we headed down to Birmingham for the 5th October which was official publication date of Little Alf's memoir and we were launching the new book at HOYS - Horse of the Year Show!

I say 'we' but actually it was just me as I had to leave Alf at home which was such a shame, but the days were just too long for him and since he is only 5 years old he still gets very tired, plus the journey was just a little bit too long for him.

I travelled down to Birmingham on the 3rd and got ready for the 5th. I had quite a large display stand and book signing area at the event and it was nice to get settled into my new surroundings before the big launch - by this point I was feeling pretty nervous and lots of things were running through my mind, like 'what if people don't enjoy the book' which is only natural I suppose!

On the 4th October I had a bit of good news... I woke up in my hotel room and switched on my phone and clicked on to my social media where I saw an image of my book on amazon which someone had sent me and I read the caption which said 'check out the orange glow'.

To start with I was a little bit confused until I zoomed into the book and read 'Best seller'. I literally had to pinch myself and thought I was still asleep, but when I went over to amazon I then saw it at the top of the page and was very overwhelmed. The book hadn't even been officially published yet and it was on the bestselling list which was such an amazing feeling. All I wanted to do was go home and show Alfie but I couldn't!

The 4th seemed to pass in a bit of a daze and the 5th was soon upon me. I headed to the NEC in Birmingham to officially launch the book.

Surprisingly on the morning I didn't feel too nervous as my talk was just about Alfie and I really can talk about him all day... So when 10:00am came and I had a lovely crowd of people waiting to hear about Alfie it was fantastic. The 30 minute talk went very quickly and then it was into book signings for the rest of the day!

What followed was another 4 days book signing after the launch at the event so it was great fun. It was amazing to meet so many people and sign books and by Sunday morning I had sold out of books, which was a great feeling.

Since then I have had some amazing comments about the book and even bestselling children's author 'Linda Chapman' sent me a message and said 'Little Alf is a lovely read - really heart-warming and inspirational' which really made my day. When I was younger I loved reading Linda Chapman's books as they really played a part in my childhood and my love of reading.

I am now back home in Yorkshire with Alfie and we have been having lots of interviews with local radio channels and newspapers. But it's nice to be back home and reunited with Alfie as I really missed him and don't want to be leaving him again for a few months!