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Hannah Russell
Features Writer
11:30 AM 30th January 2017

Little Alf... When Hannah Goes Away...

Alfie alone in his paddock
Alfie alone in his paddock
This week I have left Alfie at home while I jet off to Austria for a week of skiing. Skiing is something I love and have done from a young age.

Before my flight, I looked at the forecast at the resort I am heading to and it said minus 15, which didn't sound too appealing, so I've packed a few extra jumpers to keep me warm in the hope it's sunny throughout the day on the slopes!

So this means I have left Alfie at home. It's always hard to leave the animals and it doesn't take me long to start missing them. I sometimes get quite home sick because I always miss Alfie tons when I go away.

Alfie is being looked after by my mum this week and I can only imagine the mischief he is causing.

Last year when I went skiing apparently Little Alf turned into a nightmare pony, although I never saw it so it takes a lot of believing as he's usually so good when I'm around.

I watched the CCTV back last year and to my horror it was true, he had turned into quite the little terror and I'm not sure how mum managed to cope on her own for 7 days. I know I would have been a little overwhelmed with it all.

Alfie had tried to attack my mum's wellies, whenever she had tried to lead him out to his field. This is something he has always done, but I'm not quite sure why, it's as if he gets annoyed at mum for letting me go away...

Alfie had also ran off up the yard and trampled my Dad's beautiful garden patch, smashed Mum's favourite outdoor ornament, popped Sasha my German Shepherd's football, tipped over the wheelbarrows and one day even managed to break one of the fencing rails..... Did I mention that he also pulled off all the flower heads with his teeth?

When I came back from skiing last year Mum told me all the tales, which I thought were quite funny, although Mum wasn't too amused at the time.

I had never known Alfie to be so naughty and cause so much havoc when I'm not around. Alfie is always so sweet, and innocent as though butter wouldn't melt, but maybe now I know otherwise!

I've left mum with lots of training methods while I'm away, in the hope he behaves and doesn't cause too much of a riot... somehow I feel he will be running rings around her...