Yorkshire Times
Weekend Edition
Hannah Russell
Features Writer
9:14 PM 27th October 2017

Little Alf's Trip Around Yorkshire...

This week it has been super busy not just for me but for Alfie too.

We have been all over Yorkshire recently and this weekend it's time to put our slippers on and feet up for a weekend off.

Since the Little Alf's memoir was launched on the 5th October we have had an overwhelming response with fan mail doubling and people getting in touch from all over the world. It's been amazing and I have really enjoyed reading over the past few weeks everyone's posts about Alfie.

Last weekend we went to Countryside Live in Harrogate for a special appearance and book signing. It was a very busy event. This year the event joined up with 'The Yorkshire Vet' so it was lovely to meet them both once again!

We met them at the Great Yorkshire Show earlier this year and it was nice to see them again this October. Their queue for book signing was huge! The weather wasn't great last weekend but luckily we were inside so we kept nice and warm.

Then this week Alfie and I visited Brymor ice cream parlour which is actually just 10 minutes up the road from our home so it was a very short journey indeed.

We went along for a children's story afternoon and arrived around 12.00pm. We were placed in their barn which had lots of straw bales in and Alfie kept trying to eat the straw!

Horses can't eat straw in big quantities as this can cause colic, but they are okay to nibble at the odd bit. Luckily I had mum on hand to help watch Alfie and make sure he didn't eat too much. By 1 o'clock there was a medium sized crowd of fans appearing to see Alfie and it was lovely to hear that some people had travelled quite far just to see him and get their book signed.

Just after 1.00pm everyone sat down on the straw bales and I read them a few chapters from Alfie's children's books which everyone seemed to enjoy and giggled their way through the reading!

Everybody then had the chance to meet Alfie afterwards and take some pictures of him. We have seen some lovely messages and photos on social media after the event and it seems that everyone enjoyed meeting him!

It was quite windy at Brymor and there were lots of fallen leaves. Alfie was in his element trying to pick them all up off the floor! - I think he would make a great leaf collector!

This weekend Alfie will be having some time off as he's going to put his feet up and enjoy the weekend in his paddock with his best friend Pepper.