Yorkshire Times
A Voice of the North
Richard Trinder
10:31 AM 7th November 2020

Make America Grate Again

"Pussy grabbing misogynistic narcissist seeks employment in high office. Willing to work anywhere without a USA extradition treaty."

Sorry as job applications go this one simply won't cut the mustard. So, Mr T, you'd better cling on to your current job - with all its legal defence mechanisms, levers of state and almost unlimited protections from the law - until someone, somewhere is prepared to offer you shelter.

I understand that there are a couple of totalitarian regimes, much admired by you in the past, that are ready to offer you a position. A hotel manager in Moscow at the soon-to-be-famous Putin on the Ritz perhaps. A nuclear weapons inspector in Pyongyang might be just up your street; uniform, haircut and white stick all provided with the job.

Alternatively you could stay where you are. Fight on every street corner, sow dissent, turn community against community. It's OK because you are 'the Donald', and everybody loves you bigly. Just keep plugging away on your current path and surely you of all people can Make America Grate - Again.