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Andy Harris
Motoring and Property Editor
2:16 PM 6th April 2021

On Test – New Bridgestone Weather Control Tyres

I have always been fastidious when it comes to the tyres fitted to my cars. It does not matter how good the car or how capable the driver, worn tyres are a recipe for disaster.

Living in the North of England, where temperatures are low for what seems like half the year, winter tyres have made a lot of sense. I have a set fitted to my old Toyota Landcruiser and they have improved the car’s capabilities no end.

The downside of course is the need to change onto summer tyres when the weather turns warm, which adds an air of complication and expense. Plus, there is the need to store the tyres that are not in use.

In recent years, many manufacturers have introduced all-season tyres, the aim being to offer much of the benefits of a full winter tyre, but one that can be left in place all year round.

Bridgestone has just introduced its second-generation Weather Control A005 EVO tyre, which has been designed to deliver year-round control, safety and convenience.

The new tyre is said to be capable of handling everyday driving challenges across all four seasons without compromising on wear performance.

Using a V-shaped layout and innovative Z-shaped sipes, the A005 aims to offer improved braking and snow traction over its predecessor. It is also certified and carries the renowned 3 Peak Mountain Snow Flake marking, essential in some European countries in the winter.

The tyre has achieved an EU label A-grade for wet grip, the highest available.

Developed and manufactured in Europe, the Weather Control A005 EVO comes in 94 different sizes and should be available for most passenger cars and SUVs.

In order to put them to the test, I have just had a set fitted to our family Suzuki Vitara ALLGRIP and so far, so good. They inspire far more confidence than the factory fitted Continentals and now that winter has briefly returned, I should be able to test their cold weather performance.

I will report back when the car has covered some more miles.

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