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1:00 AM 18th November 2023

She’s Electric: An Opportunity To Take Charge Of Electric Vehicles

Evidence shows there is a significant gender gap when it comes to adoption, understanding, and interest in electric vehicles (EVs).

She’s Electric is creating events and content that speak directly to women about these issues and opportunities in a style that resonates, informing women on how to make the journey to net zero without compromising their lifestyle choices.

The She's Electric series of 'EV and Lifestyle events' empowers women by giving them the knowledge to make informed choices as well as access to the latest tech, products, and services that will impact all our futures.

Former editor of Glamour Magazine and editor of YOU, Jo Elvin, and automotive expert and journalist Erin Baker will be hosting the event at Grantley Hall on Saturday, November 25, with a focus on placing knowledge and power in the hands of attendees. Guests at the events will be treated to a luxury experience befitting their lifestyle choices; expect to sample a curated collection of well-being brands and activities. There will be inspirational talks and conversations from fellow females and industry pioneers leading the charge towards sustainable living. Topics will include practical advice on leasing and purchasing as well as the sustainable way to accelerate us towards net zero.

Guests will be invited to get behind the wheel of (or be driven in) a luxurious and cutting-edge Genesis Electric Car, exploring the future of mobility and the next generation of getting from A to B in style.

To join the She’s Electric Community and request a free invitation to the event, please sign up here: