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Phil Hopkins
Arts & Travel Editor
8:00 AM 14th October 2020

The Secret Guide To Leeds

It is an unlikely alliance but take a recent photography graduate from Glasgow University’s School of Art and couple him with a Belgian based award-winning feature writer and what do you get? A book about ‘must see’ places in….you’ve guessed it…..Leeds!

But it’s not quite as crazy as it first seems. Kim Revill, author of ‘111 Places in Leeds That You Shouldn’t Miss’ is a Leeds Loiner, albeit Belgian based, who has written for many publications both in Yorkshire and Brussels.
Fulneck Moravian Settlement near Pudsey
Fulneck Moravian Settlement near Pudsey
Now, she has returned to her roots to pen this first book and as part of a journey of discovery to many of the city’s lesser known parts. So, what are the must sees? Without giving the entire game away, here’s a flavour:

Enter a secret door in a barber’s shop to enjoy a night of jazz. Discover a hidden ice rink at the back of a bikers’ café. Make a pilgrimage to the place where one of the greatest rock albums of all time was recorded.
Morley Town Hall
Morley Town Hall
Hop on a bus to see Harry Potter’s Hogsmeade Station. Find out where Marks first met Spencer. And climb a haunted staircase in a 500-year-old mansion.

Hidden Nooks, Unknown Trails and Oddities, Leeds offers an infinite number of gifts to visitors and locals says the discerning author.

“It is a multicultural place containing a rich and interesting mixture of northern grit and elegance, which only adds to the uniqueness of this flourishing Yorkshire city.” Join Kim Revill as she leads you away from the more famed attractions, while sharing entertaining insights, cultural anecdotes and insider tips. Her composition of 111 unusual places, in combination with Alex Compton’s photos, will intrigue you. Whether you're a first-time visitor or lifelong resident, exploring Leeds offers endless surprises – fascinating sights and stories, both ancient and modern, concealed in plain view. From multiracial music lovers to local ales, from a modern-day boxing legend to rhubarb, Leeds will surprise you at every turn.

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