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4:00 AM 4th September 2021

Weekend Feature: Reshape Your World From The Inside Out

Tess Barreto, the community manager at KaiFlow explains about the unique technique of undoing and unlearning, built outside of the traditional ways of learning and measures of success / failure, to break binaries and unleash dormant potential.

Here she talks about the importance of creativity.

Are you creating your world... or is your world creating you?

We live in stories, in ever-evolving narratives that at times become so intricate and ingrained that we lose track of their multiple beginnings. If we were to dig deep enough, we would find that some of these stories find their roots and ‘truth’ in unreliable narrators.

These 'truths', often based on a fleeting opinion of an authority figure or even a random stranger we once crossed paths with, guide us through navigating our reality – our dreams, our interactions, our relationships, our careers. They drive our successes, our fears, our disappointments. They cement our expectations of being, and we become the unreliable narrator of a story of us.

Made up of other people's beliefs and values, of society's standards and ideals, this version of our story can be mistaken for the story of who we are.

We are always creating, we have just forgotten that we are.

We associate creativity with painting or writing or playing an instrument, when in fact we are constantly creating. Our lives are being led, built and designed in every moment of every hour of every day. We are the shapers of our experience of life and of our world – we have simply fallen unconscious to it.

We are not present to our intrinsic value or true abilities and because of that we end up creating and recreating our reality over and over again in default brain patterns. We have success strategies for being successful, but more interestingly we have success strategies for being unsuccessful which is why we hit the same problems or crossroads over and over again.

It is not about where you are leaping to, but about where you are leaping from.

It is faulty thinking to believe we can ever take a different path without shifting where we are coming from.

To go your own way, not dependant on other people's opinions or beliefs, not relying on their past failures or models of the world, go back to your beginning. To really create your own path, one that is unique to you, to be immersed and aligned in your own flow, go back to how you were when you thought anything was possible. To get there it takes something – undoing and unlearning.

We have been conditioned to fit into boxes, into binary systems of this or that. You are assigned your first binary box at birth – female or male. Before you are able to understand what either means, you are interacted with in fixed ways that pave a path declared yours to follow. Suddenly you are at school, asked to choose between this or that, told you can be either this or that. It becomes the reference grid of your brain, of your way of thinking.

Change your story... Change your world.

Reconnect to your essence, create some space between your machine-like automated mind that will react from binary logic. Come back to your body, to your intuition, your instinct, heart and creativity.

In this place there is more space. Sit in the unknown. Give yourself time to not know the answers. Interrupt your own predictable path so that you don’t know which way to go for a while. Maybe there you will find a new way – a path that is truly yours and not one that has been trodden on and worn down by those before you.

Your life is not a game for other people to play.

Tess Barreto
Tess Barreto
In KaiFlow we say that you are always winning the games you are playing, even if you don't realise that/what you are playing to begin with. Before you are to create anything new, you complete the circle with your past paths.

In a unique creative practice of unlayering, undoing and unlearning, you get connected to your deepest purpose – the Kai in KaiFlow. In Flow, your brainwaves state shift from the fast-moving beta wave of normal waking consciousness down to the slower, alpha bordering theta waves. In this state, with a meaningful Guiding Principle, creativity and purposeful innovation happens effortlessly.

Sandy Chen, CEO and co-founder of Graphene Composites, Chair of the audit committee on the Board of Unity Trust Bank (the UK’s leading social impact bank), and former financial analyst, is one of KaiFlow's long-standing players.

Sandy's Guiding Principle, created and connected to through KaiFlow, is 'iron spirit of protection'. All of Sandy’s projects come from a deep context and commitment to protecting people. Moving from the fear of needing to protect the self to the commitment to protecting all people, that purpose has spread out to protecting life through inventing COVID-killing inks, better bullet-proof armour to protect children in schools and better ways to produce renewable energy – all from the same context.

Create your world.

We have no idea what some of the problems and challenges of the future will be. The future is moving so fast that the most empowering approach is to return to creativity instead of pre-empting solutions when there is no way of knowing the nature of a future problem.
To begin to recreate your world, give yourself some quiet time to answer the following questions:

What is most important to me?
What connects me to life itself?

Listen to yourself and hear what emerges. A new idea, a spark, a quickened heartbeat, goosebumps for what could be possible in your life.
Play a new game for your life. A game worth playing. A game where you stand for yourself so strongly, with such integrity, that you are standing on the precipice of rejacking a whole new reality.