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4:23 PM 13th February 2019

Yorkshire Business Women Launch Children’s Pyjama Range With ‘Clever Cuffs’

Helen & Claire – the Lister & Bruce founders
Helen & Claire – the Lister & Bruce founders
Lister & Bruce is a new player in the Children’s sleepwear market, founded by two mums from West Yorkshire, Helen Brimacombe and Claire Carlile who are also sisters-in-law.

Their first range, the MyJamas collection offers beautiful, organic cotton pyjamas for children aged 1-5 years with a unique twist. MyJamas signature difference is that they have matching ankle and wrist cuffs on the left and right, along with a large image on the front of the top helping children dress independently by knowing which way round they go.

"Naturally we wanted our designs to be beautiful, but the clever cuffs are really what makes them special. A lot of thought has gone in to every detail of MyJamas, and the result is super soft pyjamas with a unique design that helps your little ones put them on the right way round every time." says Helen Brimacombe, co-founder. The feedback from parents to date has been 5* across the board with children getting a real confidence boost when they get it right at bedtime.

"Children love to do things themselves and instilling independence from an early age is hugely important in a child's development, even if it is just dressing themselves for bed at night!"

Comfort has been a huge focus for the range, 100% organic cotton interlock has been used as it is extremely soft against children’s skin and means they work well throughout the seasons. There are no scratchy neck labels which many children find uncomfortable and they are also OEKO-Tex 100 rated – so no nasty chemicals have been used, especially perfect for those with sensitive skin.

Claire explains where it all began. "We set out inspired by my mum, Janet, and the clever and thoughtful gifts she has been making for her grandchildren since Helen’s daughter, Darcey, was born in 2012.

"We knew we wanted to design high quality products but equally we wanted to offer something more, and this is where MyJamas was born. It is the first of our products to be launched under Lister & Bruce and most definitely won’t be the last" Claire Carlile, co-founder.

The business is a real family affair with all their children being the original guinea pigs for their products. Even the company name comes from Claire and Helen’s own mums – Lister being Janet’s maiden name and Bruce being Helen’s mum’s maiden name.

MyJamas are available through