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9:02 AM 13th August 2020

Yorkshire Snapshots Illuminate Life Under Lockdown

The incredible ways Yorkshire has adapted to life under lockdown are revealed in a new collection of photographs.

photo by Chelle Lundy
photo by Chelle Lundy
Overnight, measures to combat the coronavirus outbreak saw the way we live transformed.

And to mark these unprecedented times, Cartridge Save held a competition to find the nation’s most iconic lockdown snap.

From graduations held in lockdown, to honouring key workers, 25 images have made it onto the shortlist - before a public vote helps decide the overall winner.

Hundreds of entries across the UK were submitted over the last few months, with a panel of experts whittling down the final 25.

photo by Lorna Spence
photo by Lorna Spence
The shortlist includes Chelle Lundy, 35, from Rothwell, Leeds, who captured lockdown with a newborn. She said:
“I am a hobbyist photographer and wanted to take a self portrait with my newborn son. Having a baby in April during the peak of a pandemic was an anxious time, but thankfully I was able to have a homebirth. My son is now nearly 4 months old and still hasn’t properly met any of our other family members. I have taken photos throughout the lockdown and entered the competition because this photo tells part of our story.”

Also included in the shortlist is Lorna Spencer, 38, from Leeds who entered an image of her daughter Thea, 4, adjusting to new lockdown measures. She said:
“Our lockdown has been full of rainbows, being crafty, baking tasty treats, playing games and having lots of cuddles and fun. We've definitely tried to make the best of a less than ideal situation and enjoyed our time together making lockdown memories.”

Another on the shortlist is Kim Healey-Dent, 31, from Tadcaster, who captured a lockdown newborn. She said:
“In the photo is me and my newborn baby boy Oscar. Lockdown was very isolating for me because I gave birth 4 days after lockdown began and was sent home to spend the next few weeks trying to manage my new baby and my two year old alone.

photo by Kim Healey-Dent
photo by Kim Healey-Dent
I entered the competition because I think I did something pretty amazing during lockdown. But It was not the maternity leave I was expecting.”

The competition has seen entries from three categories: under 18s, 18-50, and over 50s.

A public vote will account for 25 per cent of the final judging, and then a panel of experts will choose a winner from each category, and finally decide an overall winner who will take home a cash prize.

Judging the competition is national freelance newspaper and magazine journalist, Deborah Linton. She said: “What I love about this competition is that each image has an individual story to tell. It’s been great seeing what friends and families across the UK have been doing during lockdown and how they have pulled through together.”

Also judging the competition is national press photographer Mark Waugh. Mark said:
“We’ve had some fantastic entries to the competition and I'm really impressed with the images we’ve received from all over the UK. From the good to the bad, lockdown has tested us all over the last few months, and these images really showcase that.”

Managing director of Cartridge Save, Ian Cowley, commented:
“We wanted to create this competition to capture history happening through the eyes of regular people up and down the country. It’s important to remember these moments so that future generations can look back and see how we survived lockdown.”

Public voting is now underway for the competition and will close on 24th August. Check out all of the 25 finalists here.