Yorkshire Times
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Graham Clark
Features Writer
2:05 PM 28th May 2021

A New Restaurant Sprouts Up In Harrogate - The Pickled Sprout

You might have visited The Pickled Sprout before when the restaurant, situated in the Yorkshire Hotel, was known as Scran. The old restaurant has been refurbished and the best area to sit in is now at the front of the restaurant - overlooking Harrogate Stray.

Cast your eyes up to the ceiling and garden foliage drapes down, though it will be something that you either like or dislike, opinions ranged from it looking plastic and tacky to giving the restaurant a fresh feeling. I thought the new soft green decor rather complimented the foliage. The seats in the restaurant are quite high up but not that high to cause any discomfort when eating.

Restaurant front room
Restaurant front room
I would suggest sitting in the room at the front of the restaurant as the bar area can be noisy, making conversations difficult.

As residents from the hotel came in to dine, a number of casual diners also joined us. The hotel was full, even midweek, which proves that many people might not be ready to get out their passports just yet.

The menu appears to focus on the classics such as Fish and Chips, Steaks, Pizzas and popular sandwiches such as Chicken BLT.

Goat's Cheese bon bonsGoat's Cheese bon bons
Homemade flatbreadHomemade flatbread

The nibbles start at £4.00 though my Goat's Cheese Bon Bons were priced at £4.50. They came with a very strong chilli which was a overpowering as it cancelled out the taste of the Goat’s cheese. And that was never the strongest in the first place. Even the honey and lemon did not diffuse the fire of the chilli.

Better to decide on the Homemade flatbread that comes with spicy hummus. Served warm and, like most of the dishes here, you will get a copious helping.

Shepherd's pieShepherd's pie
Beer battered HaddockBeer battered Haddock

If you fancy a good Shepherd's Pie you will not be disappointed with The Pickled Sprout's creation; a rich and tasty offering that comes with mint, shallot and caper salsa. It was one of the best Shepherd’s Pies I have eaten in a long time.

My sister decided on the Beer Battered Haddock served with mushy peas and handcut chips. The latter might be an acquired taste for some as the chips tend to be well cooked and appear to have a batter around them. At £12.50 the meal is good value considering the quantity and the quality of the fish was excellent.

White Chocolate Panna Cotta
White Chocolate Panna Cotta
You will probably not have enough room for dessert, but if you do then the White Chocolate Panna Cotta served with black cherries and Amaretti crumb priced at £6.50 might make you smile. It wasn’t the creamiest Panna Cotta I have had but it certainly wasn’t the worst either.

If the weather is fine there is a small terrace where you can dine outside.

Sadly there were no Pickled Sprouts on the menu but what you will find is that the service is excellent, with prices that will not get you into a pickle.

The Pickled Sprout, Yorkshire Hotel, Prospect Place, Harrogate HG1 1JZ
Telephone 01423 706700