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Graham Clark
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2:00 AM 8th October 2022

Albums: Knife Girl - Uniform

Knife Girl - Uniform
Stop Time; The Good Times Are Coming Your Way; Ready For Love; Never Let Go; Precious Baby; On The Line; Brain Dead (Just Do It); Will Catch The Algorithm; Whisper.
Label: SOLID 101 Cat.No 6417138683984

Knife Girl, better known as Lili Aslo returns with this new eclectic album which covers rock, jazz and adds new terrain to her musical accomplishments so far.

The album was initially written in 2018 when she was living in Japan, where she suffered depression which appears to come across on songs such as the opening number Stop Time which is a mellow and reflective number.

Just when you think the rest of the album is going to be moody there's a big surprise with The Good Times Are Coming which recalls the jauntiness of The Waterboys where her depression raises its head again.

She recalls: “I went to the Doctor, he gave me pills” though hearing this uplifting melody you would not know that she was unhappy.

Ready For Love starts off like an old Bob Dylan number before developing into an often jazzy affair showcasing the many talents of this emerging artist.

Elsewhere songs such as Never Let Go and On The Line show promise.

Saving one of the her best tracks to the end, Whisper comes with a guitar riff that Talking Heads would be proud to own. This is set again against a baseline associated with New Order and with a disco beat.

The songs might remind Knife Girl of a very painful moment in her life, however we should be grateful that she has shared her pain with us all when her music is as good as this.