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Graham Clark
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11:45 AM 25th March 2020

Janet Devlin To Perform On Line Concert

The name Janet Devlin might be familiar to you, the former X Factor contestant has since made a successful career for herself as a singer songwriter. The Irish born singer releases her new concept album Confessions on 1 May with an autobiography My Confessions released on the same day.

Not one to be held back with the Coronavirus scare she is to perform an on line concert on Thursday 26th March. I asked Janet about her career so far and the on line concert

You have worked with the very successful producer Elliott Kennedy at his studio in Sheffield what was that like?
Although it was a long time ago, it was amazing. I actually lived in Sheffield for a whole year and enjoyed my time in the city very much. I have played gigs there and been to concerts in the city, the audiences in Sheffield are amazing and so warm and welcoming.

Who were your influences growing up?
My parents used to listen to a lot of country music and that influenced me, but I also listened to a lot of rock music such as Nirvana, System of A Down and the Foo Fighters. If I could meet Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters I would die happy. One of the best concerts that I have been to was seeing System of A Down.

What did appearing on the X Factor teach you?
It taught me a lot, the main thing being about how to appear on camera, I use those techniques a lot now.

What is your single Away With The Fairies all about?
The lyric is quite mystical but it really is about drinking. I stopped drinking about 5 years ago as it used to make my life worse, not better. The best cure with a hangover is to stop drinking in the first place rather than having to go to bed with painkillers. I only knew how to party when being drunk but now gigs are so much better when I am sober and you can actually remember what you have seen. One of the hardest things though for me since giving up the drink has been sober dating.

And you have a book and album coming out too?
Yes, they are both out on 1st May, the album is a concept record, every song is metaphorical - it is all in the book too called My Confessions.

How did you raise money for the album?
I did it through Pledge Music, it took 5 years to get everything sorted but the experience has been very rewarding. There are lots of heavy topics in the book and on the album.

What other job would you have liked to have done?
I have never had a job and never really worked a day job in my life. I don't have a lot of time to be honest, I spend my time writing songs,. At the moment this Coronavirus thing is so scary and I hope that we can all come out of it at the other side.

I am excited about my in line concert on 26th March and hope it will give my fans some light and positivity in these present times. I have over 280,000 Twitter followers so hopefully someone will be watching!

To watch the concert which takes place on Thursday 26 March at 8pm and 11.55pm (UK time) visit