Yorkshire Times
Voice of the North
Jeremy Williams-Chalmers
Arts Correspondent
9:00 AM 17th December 2019

Top 60 Albums of 2019! 40 To 31

40. GIRLI - Odd One Out

Feisty, fiery and an true innovator, GIRLI's Odd One Out certainly sees her stand out from her contemporaries.

39. Steve Lacy - Apollo XXI

Steve Lacy took throwback sounds and muted vocals to a new level. While you had listen closely to understand his message, those who got it really got it. Those who didn't, would still be blown away by his irresistible sound.

38. Jonas Brothers - Happiness Begins

Delivering some of the biggest pop anthems of 2019, it is fair to say that the Jonas Brothers had one of the most successful and unexpected comebacks of 2019.

37. Melovin - Octopus

Ukrainian popstar Melovin knows how to produce dark, brooding pop anthems that hook you in. Packing a powerful punch, his record Octopus stays with you from the first listen.

36. Stereophonics - Kind

Kelly Jones may have been the voice of a generation, but that does not mean he and his band have lost any potency as they have grown and mellowed. Kind is subtle genius.

35. MIKA - My Name Is Michael Holbrook

MIKA may not get the commercial acclaim he deserves on his home turf, but the quality of his output is never in question. My Name Is Michael Holbrook sees him wear his heart on his sleeve with his usual pop power.

34. Orville Peck - Pony

Perhaps the most distinctive new talent in the Country genre, Orville Peck boasts an old school sound to marry with his intriguing presence. He may be an enigma, but that adds to his appeal.

33. NIMMO - The Power

NIMMO delivered the unexpectedly soulful The Power, which manages to build on their free-spirited Garage sound and pop jams.

32. Arcadian - Marche ou rĂªve

Semi-finalists from the French version of The Voice, Arcadian are a band who have delivered consistently pretty albums. They may not have re-written the songwriting book, but who said you had to?

31. Hozier - Wasteland, Baby!

Hozier could sing the phone book and you'd have tingles. Thankfully he doesn't. Wasteland, Baby! is full of gloriously heartfelt anthems that will have you singing along from the moment you press play.