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Graham Clark
Features Writer
12:44 PM 4th January 2020

What Was The Most Annoying Thing Your Partner Did Over Christmas?

New data from LPS Solicitors Nationwide (Bradford based) shows almost 1 in 5 couples considered ending their relationship during Christmas 2019, with an extraordinary number of respondents citing ‘spending too much time on their phone’ as the habit that infuriated them the most!

January 6th is often referred to as ‘Divorce Day’ as the UK courts receive its highest number of applications to dissolve marriages on the first Monday back in the offices after the Christmas break and LPS looked into some of the most annoying things couples did that made almost a fifth consider leaving their partner!


75.3% of respondents said ‘No’ when asked if they were surprised that January 6th is the busiest day for divorce
17.72% of respondents said “Yes” when asked if they had considered leaving their partner during Christmas 2019

When asked ‘What is the most annoying thing your partner did during Christmas 2019’ the survey revealed:

On their phone too much - 25.45%
Not helping with the household chores -16.07%
Drinking too much - 12.95%
Spending too much money - 9.38%
Having to spend time with your partners family - 5.80%
Sleeping too much -5.36%
Watching too much TV - 4.91%
Not showering -4.46%
Expecting you to wrap all the family Christmas presents -3.57%
Leaving loo seat up - 3.13%
Having to prepare Christmas dinner without their help - 2.68%
Leaving you to look after the children -2.68%
Spoiling the children with unhealthy food / treats- 1.34%
Eating food planned for Christmas -1.34%
Not getting dressed -0.45%
Having to spend time with your partners friends 0.45%

Azhar Hussain, Head of Family Law at LPS Solicitors says:

“In recent years, we have seen a significant uplift in the number of divorce cases we handle where modern technology, gaming and social media are referenced in legal documents as a contributing factor in the breakdown of relationships."

Can you recognise yourself in any of these traits?