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Jan Harris
Assistant Editor
2:00 PM 25th November 2019

Would You Miss The Coca-Cola Christmas Truck?

Mark Thompson spotted the truck and took this photo
Mark Thompson spotted the truck and took this photo
The Coca-Cola Christmas Truck for 2019 has been on the road since the middle of November and lots of people will have spotted it - have you?

The famous TV advert first appeared on our TV screens back in the winter of 1995 when we saw a fleet of twinkling Coca-Cola trucks travelling across a snowy landscape with the now familiar phrase of #HolidaysAreComing.

The iconic truck arrived in Yorkshire at the White Rose Centre, Leeds over the weekend but if you missed it here are the dates you can see it again up north:

Wednesday 27 November at Asda, Pudsey, Leeds
Monday 2 December at Asda Eastlands, Manchester
Friday 6 December - Saturday 7 December at the Trafford Centre, Manchester

The truck stops are open from 12pm-7pm.

But one British waste and recycling company thinks that the Coca-Cola Christmas truck tour is one Christmas 'tradition' which should be put in the bin.

With Coca-Cola named as the world's largest plastic polluter, says that driving a truck the length and breadth of the country for no clear purpose sets a bad example.

"Those fizzy pop guys might have invented the red-suited Santa, but they've ruined Christmas," says spokesperson Mark Hall. ran the numbers and found that the American-styled Coca-Cola Scania T Cab lorry:

Does 10.6 miles to the gallon
Has an 11-litre engine
Weighs 40 tonnes fully-loaded with promotional fizzy pop
Will use 287 gallons (1,305 litres) of diesel fuel
At current fuel prices (£1.31/litre) that's £1,709 – about the same that an average family will spend on fuel annually
That's the same as 750 school lunches
Even Santa spends less on fuel for his sleigh every year, which official figures tell us runs on one carrot per each of the eight reindeer

"That doesn't look good, no matter which way you look at it," says Hall

"All so you can queue in the winter cold and have your photograph taken with a lorry!"

Some Good News

This is the ninth year that Coca-Cola are bringing festive joy to people in the UK and this year they have a new partner, Crisis, which is the national homelessness charity.

Coca-Cola are donating 10p to the charity for every can placed in their recycling bins throughout the truck tour.

The company is also pledging to collect and recycle a bottle or can for every one that they sell by the year 2030 - part of their World Without Waste pledge.

So you decide - would you miss the Coca-Cola Christmas truck and #HolidaysAreComing?

Business Waste campaigns for tighter laws to discourage littering, wasteful behaviour, and to encourage greater recycling. They are the waste company that hates waste.

For more information on Crisis - the national homelessness charity go to: