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Jan Harris
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2:00 AM 1st August 2022

Yorkshire Day - God's Own County

Bolton Abbey - photo by James Genchi on Unsplash
Bolton Abbey - photo by James Genchi on Unsplash
Every year on the 1st August Yorkshire Day is celebrated and it is a celebration of everything that is Yorkshire.

Yorkshire is known as 'God's Own County' and Yorkshire is the biggest county in the UK, with a population of over 5 million which is almost twice the size of Wales.

The county is named after York and York is a shortened form of the Viking name Jorvik, which was in turn an interpretation of the Anglo-Saxon name Eoforwic.

The white rose which is recognised as the symbol of Yorkshire is thought to have been adopted by Edmund of Langley, the first Duke of York and the founder of the House of York.

The official Yorkshire flag was first unfurled in Hull in 2008 and since then flags have been flying all around Yorkshire on Yorkshire Day. The streets in towns and cities in Yorkshire are often decorated with bunting and flags to celebrate Yorkshire Day.

Yorkshire Day which is celebrated on the 1 August promotes the historic English county of Yorkshire. The date alludes to the Battle of Minden, and also the anniversary of the emancipation of slaves in the British Empire in 1834, for which a Yorkshire MP, William Wilberforce, had campaigned.

Why celebrate?

Yorkshire flag - photo by Adam Wyle
Yorkshire flag - photo by Adam Wyle
Normally on Yorkshire Day members of the Yorkshire Ridings Society carry the Yorkshire flag and lead the annual walk around the walls of York. The Yorkshire Declaration of Integrity is read at the 4 Bars (Gates) in York annually on Yorkshire Day, one for each Riding and once for the City of York.

Every Yorkshire Day there is a civic celebration when the council and Mayor of different towns and cities have the honour of hosting it. This year in 2022, after a two year break, it is the turn of Keighley to host and the town council has lots of plans in place. More information can be found here.

Some interesting facts about Yorkshire:

Yorkshire's three National Parks – the North York Moors, most of the Yorkshire Dales, and part of the Peak District – account for nearly a third of the total area of National Parks in the UK

The Tan Hill Inn in Swaledale is said to be Britain’s highest pub at 1,732ft above sea level.

The earliest reference to ‘Yorkshire Pudding’ was in Hannah Glasse’s Art Of Cookery in 1747.

Scarborough became England’s first seaside resort in 1626.

Leeds, York, and Scarborough are among the top ten most visited English towns by UK residents.

Shambles in York is regarded as the best-preserved medieval street in Europe.

York’s ancient city walls are the longest city walls in England, at three miles long, and they enclose an area of around 263 acres.

If Yorkshire were an independent country it would have finished an incredible twelfth on the league table in the 2012 Olympics gaining 7 Golds, 2 Silvers and 3 Bronze.

Yorkshire hosted the Grand Depart of the Tour de France in 2014.

The Yorkshire Terrier breed was developed during the 19th century in Yorkshire and is often called a Yorkie.

Wensleydale cheese originates from Yorkshire, the Rhubarb Triangle is situated in West Yorkshire and The Magpie Cafe in Whitby offers award-winning Fish 'n' Chips.

Brian Boffey, a Leeds based scientist, accidentally invented Jelly Tots in 1967, while trying to produce a powdered jelly that set instantly when added to cold water.

Many businesses have also been founded in Yorkshire, such as Morrisons, Marks & Spencer, Tetley's Brewery and the Taylors Group, famous for Bettys and Yorkshire Tea.

York City Walls - Image by David Mark from Pixabay
York City Walls - Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Some famous Yorkshire people:

It is an endless list and includes inventors, explorers, politicians, writers, actors and athletes.
Here are just a few:

Guy Fawkes
Dick Turpin
William Wilberforce
Captain James Cook
Amy Johnson
Bronte sisters
Harold Wilson
Ted Hughes
Helen Sharman
Brian Blessed
Sir Patrick Stewart
Dame Judi Dench
Sir Captain Tom Moore
James Mason
Sean Bean
Sir Ben Kingsley
Michael Palin
Jessica Ennis-Hill
Nicola Adams
Ed Clancy
Alistair and Jonathan Brownlee

Yorkshire Day on Social Media

Don't forget to spread your news about what you're doing on Yorkshire Day by using the hashtag #YorkshireDay to your tweet.

How much more is known about Yorkshire?

There is so much that could be said about Yorkshire - the list is endless!

But today is #YorkshireDay - if you're from Yorkshire wear your Yorkshire rose with pride, or even if you're not, join with us in the celebrations because today is #YorkshireDay.

Enjoy Yorkshire Day!