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Jeremy Williams-Chalmers
Arts Correspondent
9:00 AM 30th December 2021

2021 Top 60 Albums 20-11

Claire Laffut
Claire Laffut
Being able to return to the cinema and immerse ourselves in the big screen experience has been so rewarding in the post-lockdown life. With huge blockbusters from Marvel, Bond and even Paw Patrol to thrill us, we simply couldn’t resist. While we ask you to ponder your favourite film soundtrack of 2021, our own makes an appearance in the next stage of our Top 60 Albums of 2021 countdown…

20. Wrabel – these words are all for you

Key Moments: good, back to back, don’t pick up the phone

19. Russell Louder – Humor

Key Moments: Home, Vow, Know The Game

18. Ricky Merino – Ricky Merino

Key Moments: Carnaval, Smalltown Boy, Miénteme

17. Everybody’s Talking About Jamie - OST

Key Moments: Everybody’s Talking About Jamie, It Means Beautiful, While We’re Still Young

16. Jess & Matt - Wildflowers

Key Moments: 1961, Wreckage, Wildflowers

15. Joy Crookes – Skin

Key Moments: Poison, Skin, Trouble

14.  Clueso –Album

Key Moments: Tanzen, Leider Berlin, VIP

13. Middle Kids – Today We’re The Greatest

Key Moments: Run With You, Questions, Summer Hill

12. Olivia Rodrigo - SOUR

Key Moments: good 4 u, brutal, traitor

11. Claire Laffut – Bleu

Key Moments: MDMA, Vertige, Nudes