Yorkshire Times
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Vivienne Barnes
Happiness Coach
3:31 AM 26th October 2020

Happiness Tip 101

Welcome to tip 101

Waterfall photo by Chris Luczkow
Waterfall photo by Chris Luczkow
Forgive my absence for a few months. I have been considering a slightly different spin on Happiness, most especially with the pandemic affecting lives across the globe.

I want to think about hope, because, you see, without hope we are indeed destined to feel unhappy. So consider please how hopeful you are right now. Hopeful for yourself, your family, your future, your job/career, your home, your resources and so on...

Are you surrounded by hopeful friends and family?..or do they tend to negate hopeful thoughts and feelings?

I suggest being especially mindful of maintaining, or creating a hopeful atmosphere - this is critically important for youngsters.

I suggest digging deep to connect with the hope which resides inside us all, and engage hopefully with all those you come into contact with.