Yorkshire Times
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Vivienne Barnes
Happiness Coach
3:54 AM 23rd March 2020

Happiness Tip 96

Welcome to tip 96

I am thinking about how Appreciation of all we have as opposed to Anxiety about all that we don't have

.....and how that Appreciation brings us Happiness

I am thinking about big stuff and little stuff and everything in between

I suggest that you consider, say, 5 things you are appreciative of ...and get how much just those 5 can affect you

Life, love, health, family, friends, resources, clean air, nourishment, work, community, ability to walk, ability to see, ability to feel, ability to think clearly, enjoyable plans in the diary, kindness and affection of others, ability to achieve, ability to overcome difficulties,, successful business,...and and and...

I am sure you can think of your own!

Happy thinking ...